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A Dragon's Soul

I have been in this form so long, I have forgotten what I once was. Human flesh surrounds me, all of my family is of the human race.

But a body is a weak, mortal thing, souls are etherial, immortal and powerful. My heart beats fiercely under my skin, and sometimes I feel distant fire in my veins. My soul rises like a butterfly yearning to be free, it tretches like a rose opening form the bud. My soul is the most precious thing about me, it is the center of my being.

My soul guides me to the dragons. In that secret, magical place I see the noble creatures. They are beautiful, creatures of awesome mystery and power. The dragons come in every color, shape and size. They are wise, strong and good.
No evil dragons dwell in my dreams.

My soul cries out and I remember a time when I was one of them. How I long for the shining scales to cover my skin, how I want the muscular body of a dragon! I long for the horns to adorn my head, and claws to replace my fingers. Most of all I want the glorious wings to arch form my back, to let me explore the skies. But alas, I am trapped in this corporeal, earth-bound form. I may be a pathetic human, but I have a dragon's soul.

Copyright by Lady Seraphina. Not to be reprinted for sale of any sort without permission of the author.