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Dragon Magick(Dracomancy)
Dragon Script

Reference Material: D. J. Conway's "Dancing With Dragons"


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Dragon Script can be used for writing on tools, candles, or other ritual and spell objects. It is also used when writing out request to specific dragons. Use of this magickal alphabet, or any magickal alphabet, increases the power placed into an object by the magician because of the concentration needed to write it out. One of the goals of every magician is to fill with as much power as possible all his/her ritual tools, spellworking objects, etc.

Dragons are aquainted with all magickal alphabets and will, depending upon the occasion and temperament of the individual dragon, respond to their use, as they do to ordinary, everyday alphabets in common use around the world. However, dragons seem to pay more attention to something written in this script that they do to anything written in another alphabet.

Dragon Script