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Dragons And Man


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The dragon has always been slandered and misjudged, persecuted and hounded by man, simply because it is different. Like so many other living beings, it has experienced death and persecution in the name of the so-called superiority of civilized man. Perhaps, in the future, man will learn that with the death of a single animal, plant species or irreplaceable asset, something more precious than all the wealth in the world is lost. Only then will the Earth continue to be a brilliant blue jewel in the universe, for in its heart will be locked the priceless treasure of the diversity of the species, and man will have recognized his duty to cherish every single one.

Man's craving for power and religious beliefs have kept Europe engulfed in interminable and bloody struggles. The dragon lords could not understand the reasons for man's self-destructive behavior, and kept well out of the way, retreating to remote hiding places far from all this confusion.

Dead Warrior

Shrouded in mystery, the dragon's trail remained lost in the obscurity of legend. However, the dragons secretly pursued their quest for knowledge without completely excluding the human race, since they accepted and taught those few men who sought the essence of truth.

Dragon Getting Attacked