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Dragon Books


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THE BOOK OF THE DRAGON, Montse Saint, Ill. Ciruelo. A very detailed book looking at dragon history, dragon physiology, dragon myth and some short stories. Beautifully illustrated, and very informative!
Pages:127 ISBN 1-85028-214-5

DRAGONS, A Natural History Dr. Karl Shuker. A very nice book about the history of dragons. Dr. Karl Shuker is an actual Dracotologist! Pages:120 ISBN 0-684-81443-9

THE ULTIMATE DRAGON, Many Authors. Many short stories from around the world, and many cultures about Dragons. Pages:313 ISBN 0-440-50630-1

A DRAGON LOVER'S TREASURY OF THE FANTASTIC, Many Authors. Many short stories by some of the best known fantasty writers in the world. Pages:421 ISBN 0-446-67063-4

THE BOOK OF DRAGONS, Michael Hague. 17 Short stories about dragons. Beautifully illustrated. Pages:146 ISBN 0-0688-10879-2

THE FLIGHT OF DRAGONS, Peter Dickinson, Ill. Wayne Anderson. A fascinating look at dragons, and how they did live in our past. Pages:137 ISBN 0-06-011074-0

DRAGON FANTASTIC, Rosalind and Martin Greenberg, Ill. Tad Williams. 16 short stories with dragons being the main theme. Pages:299 ISBN 0-88677-511-6

HERE THERE BE DRAGONS, Jane Yolen, Ill. David Wilgus. 12 short stories and poems all about dragons. Pages:147 ISBN 0-15-209888-7

DRAGONLANCE: THE DRAGONS, Douglas Miles,ill. Carolyn Guldan. The life of the dragons of Krynn from birth, until the next generation. Pages:316 ISBN 0-7869-0513-1

DRAGONCHARM, Graham Edwards. The story about Natural and Charmed dragons fighting for their world when magic starts to fade. Pages:504 0-06-105647-2

BOOK OF THREE-DIMENSIONAL DRAGONS, Greg Hildebrandt : A very colorful and ingenious pop up book of very large dragons. ISBN 0-316-15240-4

DRAGONLANCE: THE DRAGONS AT WAR, Edited by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman:Various authors. 16 short stories about the dragons and draconians of Krynn. Pages:390 ISBN 0-7869-0513-0-7869-0491-7

DRAGONLANCE: THE DRAGONS OF KRYNN, Various authors. 14 short stories about the dragons of Krynn, and what happens during the DragonLance War. Pages:340 ISBN 0-7869-0513-0-7869-0491-7

DRAGON TALES, Many Authors : 12 short stories by various authors. Pages:318, ISBN:0-449-21306-4

THE BOOK OF DRAGONS, E. Nesbit. 8 short stories with dragons as a subject. Pages:154 ISBN 0-8167-0852-5

DRAGONS! Edited by Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois: Various Authors. 10 short stories with dragons as the main subject. Pages:222 ISBN 0-441-16631-8

THE DRAGONLOVERS GUIDE TO PERN, Jody Lynn Nye & Anne McCaffrey. If you have read the series of McCaffrey's "DragonRiders of Pern" this is a must buy! Pages:178 ISBN 0-345-37946-2.

DRAGONS TRUTH, MYTH, AND LEGEND, David Passes, Ill. Wayne Anderson. Well the title says it all, covers the history of Dragons. Pages:43 ISBN 0-307-17500-6

MATTHEW'S DRAGON, Susan Cooper, Ill. Jos A. Smith : About a boy and his dragon taking a journey outside at night. Pages:15 ISBN: 0-689-71794-6

ALEXANDER AND THE DRAGON, Katharine Holabird, Ill. Helen Craig : About a boy who is afraid of the dark, and a night-shadow is actually a friendly dragon. Pages:12 ISBN 0-517-56996-5

THE KNIGHT AND THE DRAGON, Tomie DePaola : A story book about a knight learning to be a knight, and a dragon learning to be a dragon. Pages:15 ISBN 0-399-20707-4

DRAGOLIN, Stephen Cosgrove, Ill. Robin James : About a dragon and an armadillo that helps him believe in himself. Pages: 15 ISBN 0-8431-38725-4

SERENDIPIDY, Stephen Cosgrove, Ill. Robin James : About a sea-dragon type of animal who doesnt know who she is. Pages:15 ISBN 0-8431-3819-X

A FRIEND FOR DRAGON, Dav Pilkey : 1st in the series of books about "Dragon". This one is about Dragon, and his friend, an apple. Pages:48 ISBN 0-590-4893-7

DRAGON'S FAT CAT, Dav Pilkey : 4th in the series. This one is about Dragon and his new found cat, who happens to be fat. Pages:48 ISBN 0-590-20522-6

DRAGON'S HOLLOWEEN, Dav Pilkey : 5th in the series. About Dragon who can't find a big pumpkin to carve. Pages:48 ISBN: 0-590-59874-0

JEREMY THATCHER, DRAGON HATCHER, Bruce Coville : About a boy who buys an dragons egg, but soon the dragon gets too big! What to do?? Pages:148, ISBN 0-671-74782-7

DANCING WITH DRAGONS, D.J. Conway. Dragon Magic, and ritual text to guide you to call and befriend dragons of the real world. Pages:300 ISBN: 1-56718-165-1

THE TALE OF CUSTARD THE DRAGON, Ogden Nash, Ill. Lynn Munsinger. A cowerdly dragon gets brave to save his master, her cat, and her dog. Pages:15 ISBN 0-316-59880-1

SAINT GEORGE AND THE DRAGON, Margaret Hodges, Ill. Trina Schart Hyman. The Age-Old story about Saint George saving the country by fighting a fierce dragon. Pages:32 ISBN 0-316-36789-3

THE DRAGON AND THE UNICORN, Lynne Cherry. A little girl finds two friends in a dragon and a unicorn. Beautifully illustrated. Pages:16 ISBN 0-15-224193-0

THE GLITTER DRAGON, Caroline Repchuk, Ill. Colin & Moira Maclean. Geoffrey is a bashful dragon, and what doesn't help are his glittery scales. Pages:15 ISBN 1-56924-838-9

DRAGON WORLD, Byron Preiss, J.Michael Reaves and Joseph Zucker. It is about two different cultures who are separated by a narrow sea. When a small boy is killed on one side the other is blamed. The true culprit is a Coldrake (cousin to a dragon). A young man from each side seeks out the last surviving dragon to help them find the truth and bind the two cultures together. Pages:545


THE ART OF DRAGONLANCE, Based on the bestsellers from Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. This is a wonderful book from all sorts of TSR related books, calendars, and posters. Pages:126 ISBN 0-088038-447-6

THE ART OF DUNGEONS & DRAGONS FANTASY GAME, Based on the D&D game from TSR. Another must for the fantasy art collector. Pages:122 ISBN 0-88038-161-2

THE ART OF ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS FANTASY GAME, Based on the AD&D game from TSR. Tells about the artists, such as Clyde Caldwell, Keith Parkinson, Jeff Easley, etc. Pages:126 ISBN 0-88038-605-3

THE WORLDS OF TSR, Another art book from TSR. Beautiful artwork inside and out! Pages:142 ISBN 0-7869-0337-6

DRACONOMICON, A Forgotton Realms Game Accessory. How to play a dragon character,dragon magic, etc. Pages:128 ISBN 0-88038-876-5


Anthology, Dragons Of Light

Anthony,P: Dragon On A Pedestal

Bazil Broketail
A Sword For A Dragon
Dragons Of War

The Dragon And The George
The Dragon Knight
The Dragon On The Border
The Dragon At War
The Dragon, The Earl, And The Troll
The Dragon And The Djinn

Kyle,D: Dragon Lensman

MacAvoy,R: Tea With The Black Dragon

MacAvoy,R: Twisting The Rope

The White Dragon
Nerilka's Story
The Renegades Of Pern
All The Weyrs Of Pern
The Chronicles Of Pern: First Fall
The Dolphins Of Pern

The Glass Dragon
Tne Perfect Princess
The Loneliest Magician

The Dragon's Touchstone
The Last Battlemage
The Renegade Dragon
The Wizard's Treasure
The Hidden Dragon
Dragon Prince
The Star Scroll
Sunrunner's Fire

The Dragon Token

Dealing With Dragons
Searching For Dragons
Calling On Dragons
Talking To Dragons