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Moon beams and star dust

An ancient legend has come true

A fire burned a thousand years

and now it seems the children of fire have found their place in the dance of life

Strength unknown to any before has come to pass, in their hearts

They fly on the winds of destiny unsure of the way

never knowing what they will find next

They were born on the breath of life and fly they will on the winds of chance

Their nightly dance hidden from human eyes, who can't see past their own world

You may see them if you look hard enough with truth in your heart

for they stay hidden here right under your nose!

So be not blind of those who flowers do keep company

They lurk in the misty water, holding all the ancient lore

They do not deceive those whose hearts know only truth

They have a heart as pure as the water that they love

We speak of the ones who hold the knowledge of life

We may never see them but we may always call them friends

For a Dragon brings us the love of life in their glimmering eyes...

Forever they remain in a nameless grace.

Copyright 1999 by Leviathan. Not to be reprinted for sale of any sort without permission of the author.