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Dragon's Pulse

The heart beats with the pulse of life,
wings stretch to catch the morning light.
Ruby eyes vaguely stare into the emptiness
of the horizon.
The patterns of primal earth,
sway in the breeze along with
mountain laurel.
Currents of existence transform
energy into movement.

Lord Dragon, in silent adoration,
to its earth-bound soul
rises in the morning light.
Bemused by the fumbling of
Humankind, he rides
the waves of the western wind
to the sacred caves
where the heart of innocence
lies within the Grail
long lost to man.

Chosen by the Primal Spirit
to safeguard the
holy vessel
Lord Dragon serves to protect,
least man deforms
it's shape.

Winged guardian
soars through the web of time
and space
becoming part of my dream mandala;
Gatekeeper for the vessel
of my innocence.

Copyright by Gene McParland. Not to be reprinted for sale of any sort without permission of the author.