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This Space Is Reserved For My Title Image. If You Would Like To Help Me Create One, Please Do. I'm Going For Something Dark But Also With Some Blue In It And Containing The Title, Leviathan's Lair. Perhaps With A Dragon In It Also. Any Help Is Appreciated.

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June 19, 2003
(The Day Of Indolence)

Ok, I wasn't really indolent, but I might as well have been. I was actually occupied working like crazy to throw together a Website for Black House.Things turned out quite well with what I could get done. I just hope all the band members enjoy it until they can get their Official Site up and running. I'm still going to work a bit on my own site before I go to sleep and I'll work a lot more on it tomorrow. But, until then, things remain the same.

June 18, 2003
(The Day Of Inception)

Well, after the first day building my new site layout, things are coming along quite well I think. Most of the Home Page is complete except my title image and a few other various things. Also, I think I've decided to add Credits regarding the building of this new site, hence, the Credits Link on the :Navigation: table. Relating to this, I've also decided to add Special Thanks to all those who have visited my Original Site in the past, in these credits. The way I will know who has done this is by checking my Guestbook. Constructing these Credits will be the final step in creating my new site layout. So, if anyone wishes to be added to these Credits, you still have time to sign my Guestbook on my Original Site

And now, after continuous rambling, I think it's time I go to bed. Good Night.

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