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The Dragon's Song

The stars

Do you see them?

They are so beautiful

They are in my heart

The heart of a Dragon

The wind

Can you feel it?

Its song flows beneath my wings

As I fly away from you

In my sorrow

On the wings of a Dragon

The trees

Can you smell them?

You were raised among the scent of life

One day you will return to them

And to me

That is my hope

The hope of a Dragon

My cry

Can you hear it?

My pain fills the skies

I considered you no less than a friend

In all but blood you were my own

But now we must part

And you must forget

But I will remember

I will cry tears for us both

The tears of a Dragon

One day

When evil is vanquished

You will come

And dry them

I pray

The prayer of a Dragon

Copyright 2000 by Leviathan. Not to be reprinted for sale of any sort without permission of the author.