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Black House Biography Coming Soon!

We All Fall Down
Released 2003 by Vortex Records


1. Take Me Away

2. Dead Man Walking

3. Another Lonely Night
(Use The Console Below To Hear A Sample)

4. Cosmic String

5. Fallen

6. I Am

7. Make Me Bleed

8. Without You

9. She Waits

10. Tragic
(Use The Console Below To Hear A Sample)

Black House Is

Steve Thomas - Cymbals/Drums, Counting, Vocals; Daniel Rawlinson - Bass Guitar, Vocals; Christophr Allen - Vocals, Guitars

To Get A Hold Of Black House For Info On Purchasing An Album Or Any General Questions, Write To:

P.O. Box 400672
Hesperia, CA 92345


Visit Their Website At: