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Dragon Magick(Dracomancy)

Reference Material: D.J. Conway's "Dancing With Dragons"


Overview | What Is Dragon Magick? | Dragons Of The Elements | Ritual Tools | Dragon Blessing | Dragon Script | Color Correspondences | Crystal And Gemstone Correspondences | Properties Of Herbs, Plants, Oils, And Herbal Blends

For hundreds of years, the imagination of humankind has been captured by the vision of the mythical dragon--an archetype which resonates deeply within the human psyche as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom beyond the reach of mortal humans.

However, Dragons are far more than imaginary creatures in fairy tales. Dragons are as real as we are--but they live on the Astral Plane, which coexists and intersects with our own plane of existence. Dragons have control of deeper currents of elemental energies than are usually felt by humans--and once befriended, dragons make excelent protectors and powerful fellow magicians. When you begin Dancing with Dragons not only will you be able to make contact with these ancient astral powers, but you will be able to work with them to protect your house...tap into a vast reserve of energy....gaze into the future....and aid all of your magickal workings.

You will want to learn as much as possible about Dragons and their habits in order to make contact with them. By no means is any of the work on my site meant to be the sole basis of your ritual workings. It is to serve only as a stepping stone.

When early mapmakers drew maps of the known World, they drew Dragons to denote unexplored and unknown territory. Some explorers ventured no further than what was known--- but others looked upon this venture into Dragon territory as an opportunity for amazing discoveries.

<<It is my sincere hope that my web site serves as a doorway between realms. I invite you to Dance with the Dragons and open yourself to energies beyond this realm and lift all areas of your life into a new powerful plane of existence.>>

Dragon Storm, by: Myles Pinkney