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Dragon Magick(Dracomancy)
Ritual Tools


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Every sincere, dedicated magician is always searching for new ways to amplify his/her magickal power so that his/her manifestations will be more accurate and consistent. Using the elemental-type power of Dragons to help in your rituals is an excellent method for increasing the flow of energy within the cast circle.

There are certain ritual tools that you will find helpful for Dragon Magick. If you are already practicing magick, you will have some of them. If you are just beginning to work in magick, acuire your tools slowly and with care. Tools do not have to be elaborate or expensive to work magick. And the tools do not have to all be acquired at once or before you can start your magickal workings. Here are some of the more commonly used tools for most magick:


While, not technically a tool, this stand or table is very important as it is where almost all of your rituals will take place. It can be anything from an elaborate piece of finely crafted furniture, to a tree stump in the woods or piece of plywood on cinderblocks. There are no specific size or shape requirements, other than that it should be big enough to perform whatever rituals need to be done. Because it will normally hold burning candles, burning incense, and liquid containers, it should be stable enough to avoid being tipped over. Some believe that it should not contain any metal, as metal conducts magickal energy. However, this does not appear to be a widely-held belief.



The pentagram is a five-point star with one upward point. A Pentacle is a pentagram with a circle drawn around it. Each point on the star has a specific meaning. Starting with the top and working clockwise, these are Spirit, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. The Pentacle Disk is necessary for consecrations and other ritual work. This is usually a metal or wooden disk with a pentagram (five-pointed star, one point upwards) painted or etched on it. The pentagram is of the elements of both Spirit and Earth and helps to control and balance all the other elements. When used as an element of Earth, the pentacle grounds Spirit in the ritual. The Dragon Pentacle is presented during specific rituals as a means of establishing your authority to call upon the dragons, and is also of the element of Spirit.

The earliest examples of the pentagram were found among the ancient Babylonian relics. Christians, who have since denounced its application, used it for centuries to represent the Five Wounds of Christ. Also known as the Druids' Foot, Wizards' Foot, Witches' Foot, and Goblins' Cross, the pentagram can be inscribed, even invisibly, on doorways and windows to stave off evil. This symbol was painted on Sir Gawaine's shield. A potent form of the pentagram is the fossilized stem of the sea lily.
(There is a picture of a Dragon Pentacle on the Dragon Blessing page.)


Candles are one of the most important factors in most magickal practices. Candles are used in certain spells. Each candle color has a certain helpful aspect.* For example, if you wanted to gain Good Luck you would use a Green candle because Green candles are used in spells for fertility, success, good luck, money, prosperity, ambition, and rejuvenation, also used in rituals to banish greed and jealousy.

*For more color correspondence, check the Color Correspondence Page.

Book Of Shadows


The Book of Shadows is basically your own personal book of recorded rituals, spells and magickal recipes. Not only do these records serve as a valuable reference for the practicing magician, they can also be a source of inspiration and learning for future rituals and spellwork. The Book of Shadows is also a place to record and remember, to mark down personal thoughts and meaningful statements, an expression of a state of being. The Book Of Shadows is traditionally bound and covered in either leather or other animal skin, but even a standard book of high quality drawing paper will suffice. The Book of Shadows is also known as the workbook, spellbook, magickal book, or more commonly, the grimoire.



The prime ritual tool for Dragon Magick is a sword. It does not have to be an elaborate, expensive sword. Choose one that is not too long or heavy because you will often hold it out before you for long periods of time. A Dragon is not impressed by the weight or elaborateness of a sword, just the fact that you have one. The sword is of the element of Fire. (The Sword on the Far Right is the one I use.)



The Dagger, more commonly known as the Athame (ath-uh-may), represents the power of the God and the element of Fire. It is traditionally dark handled with a double-edged blade. The dark handle is thought to absorb and store some magickal energy. The double-edged blade is used to direct magickal energy. It is often dull, as it is never used to draw blood or to cut anything on this plane. (Some magicians believe in using it to perform routine tasks, as it is felt that constant contact with the Athame helps it to become a better magickal tool. In this case it is sharpened so as to be a useful tool.) Almost all magicians have an Athame. Because it is magickal tool tied to its owner, most magicians will not allow others to handle it. It is believed that if it is ever used to draw blood, its use as a magickal tool is forfeit. The athame is of the element of fire.* (The Athame on the Far Right is the one I use.)

*My assignment of the sword and dagger to the element of Air differs from that of some other magicians. This is not contrary assignment on my part, It simply seems more logical to me.



The Wand can be of almost any construction that agrees with its owner. They are often wood, although some are constructed of metal. They can contain whatever decorations and adornments the owner feels are appropriate. Many have a crystal attached to the end, which is thought to concentrate the Wands magickal energy. It can be of any length, but many believe the ideal length is from the finger tips to the inside of the elbow of the magicians arm. The wand is of the element of Air.



The Censer, or incense burner is used to burn incense on the altar. They are also used to "smudge" the area of the Circle of Stones, which is a means of purifying it by carrying the burning incense around the circle. The incense itself can be of any kind, but many prefer powdered or crystallized incense burned on small charcoal designed for this purpose. Some use exotic and well crafted hanging/swinging units, while others might use something as simple as an abalone shell with some sand in it. The incense represents the element of Air, and provides a pleasant environment for meditation and working magick.


All herbs and oils are useful but certain ones have excellent drawing power for enticing Dragons into your ritual work. For anointing, use any oil that is safe to put directly onto skin(read instructions on the bottle carefully first). Place a tiny dab in the center of your forehead before doing your daily devotions or beginnig magickal work to cleanse your mind and spirit. You can also use oil to anoint various objetcts.

Keep your ritual supplies of herbs and oils separate from others you may use for medicinal or ordinary purposes. In fact, it is important to magickal power to keep all your ritual supplies separate from your everyday life, or at least as much as possible. I was taught that magick is a part of everyday life, but that all ritual supplies should be set apart. This also keeps other people from handling your tools and possibly leaving negative vibrations on them.



The Chalices, sometimes referred to as goblets or simply cups, represent the Goddess. They can be constructed of almost anything. Some are beautiful silver or crystal with intricate engraving. Others are as simple as a ceramic cup. For most rituals, it is filled with Wine, although fruit juice is also used when alcohol is not appropriate. One important thing to keep in mind---it is advised that you chalices be lined with a good coat of silver if it is pewter, brass, bronze, or copper. Wine and other acidic beverages creates a dangerous reaction with certain metals. The chalices are of the element of Water.

Quartz Crystals


Quartz crystal is one of the most important gems used in magickal practices. Crystals have the ability to amplify Energy. You can use crystals to work with the energies of the Earth to develop physchic power or use in meditation. To "activate" your crystal, hold it under clear, running water for a few minutes. I you can, leave the crystal outside under a Full Moon for at least five minutes. Then, hold it in your hands and ask your Dragons to bless the energies of the crystal as well as yourself.


Since you may want to collect very small amounts of earth from places you visit, you will need a ceramic, glass. or metal bowl with a lid. Whenever you are on an outing and feel within the area a power that draws you, take an extremely small amount of the dirt or sand back for your dragon bowl. It is illegal to bring some foreign soils into the U.S., so check with customs before trying this. Remember that a very small amount of soil is all you need. This dragon bowl and its contents will be used to empower objects in magickal ritual. This bowl and its contents, naturally, will be of the element of Earth.


It is also useful to have a clear glass bowl for stones and gems that you collect or buy. Expensive, polished gems are not necessarily any better than those you find rough in Nature or the tumbled ones found in a rock shop. This gem/stone bowl does not need a lid because stones radiate power at all times without any loss. The gem bowl is of the element of Earth.


If you plan to work with water or sea dragons, you need to purchase a number of bottles with lids that can be securely fastened. Again, you will be collecting very small amounts of water from various places where you feel the radiation of dragon power, or strong elemental energies. Even rain water has power. Carefully label each little bottle so you can remember where you got it. These containers and their contents will be of the element of Water.

Dragon Crystal Ball


A crystal ball or speculum is the most well-known scrying tool, but other devices have been employed in the art of scrying, including black or dark mirrors, the waters of a still lake, or bowls of ink, water, or blood. Nostradamus used a bowl of water set upon a brass tripod. Jeanne Dixon, the late American psychic, used a crystal ball, while other clairvoyants have used black obsidian mirrors, crystal skulls, even light bulbs.

It's a good idea to use a quartz crystal because of its ability to amplify Energy. While scrying you will be tapping into your own powers of divination, and the speculum is a tool to help do so.

Scrying Mirror


The scrying mirror, also known as "the black mirror" is used much like the crystal ball, however, the scrying mirror has some differences and seems to be more effective for some to use. The mirror is generally used in spellwork to contact and travel through the astral plane. The scrying mirror may be of any shape. A plain wooden or plastic frame around the mirror makes it easier to write on your magickal statement. Around the edges in Dragon Script should be written: "By the power of the eye of the Dragon, I capture and harmonize all airborne thoughts."

Water Bowl


This is simply a bowl of water, used to represent the element of Water. It is preferable to use natural spring water, as opposed to tap water, but the latter will do in a pinch.

Salt Bowl


This is just a bowl of salt, used to represent the Earth. It is used to purify the water. While natural salt or sea salt is preferred, table salt can be used if it is the only salt available. Most health food stores and many grocery stores carry sea salt.

Gong, Finger Cymbals, And Bell.jpg


A small gong is useful for cetain dragon rituals. You can, however, substitute finger cymbals or a small brass or glass bell as long as the tone is clear and attractive. The gong is of the element of Air, because sound is carried on air. Gongs, cymbals, or bells are one means of attracting the dragons' attention during certain portions of the ritual. They also signal the magician's subconscious mind that deep personal attention is needed at that point.



This is perhaps the most famous of all magician's tools. It often thought to represents the Goddess. It was, in ancient times, simply a cooking pot used to prepare meals. It is preferably made of cast iron, and can be of almost any size. It is put to a wide variety of uses, ranging from a pot for making herbal medicines (potions) to a portable fire pit.

Magickal Pouches


Pouches are the perfect way to store your magickal goodies. You can hold anything you desire in your pouch. Magicians often empower items and then place them in a pouch for safe keeping until th spell manifests. When you have received you desire, de-magick the item and start a new spell.